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5 Dec
Changes to the outdoor venue plan - Marquee Ceremonies!

Changes to the outdoor venue plan - Marquee Ceremonies!

Posted By: Annabel

Back at the end of October, we saw a report evolve from the 2018 Budget, which could see huge changes to weddings in the future. Have you always dreamed of an outdoor wedding in your garden, forest, beach or a marquee within any location – well you could be in luck!


As we all know under the existing rules (which have been unchanged since 1835!) you have to wed in a licenced venue. Meaning outdoor weddings, marquee wedding, beach weddings and woodland weddings are legally a big no. With many Bride & Grooms ticking the box at a registry office before their big day which can see costs doubling for the ceremony.  


However we could see a change to this legality with the restrictions on al fresco locations being lifted.  Giving everyone the freedom they have always wish for on their big day! Think of the savings that could be made as well, with only one ceremony taking place and no more ticking of the boxes. This means as your marquee provider we could be installing temporary structures in all kinds of locations with the wedding ceremony being legal for all your friends and family to see. We can see the creative and innovative juices flowing already!


With weddings on average costing £30,355 in 2018, that’s up 12% on 2017. So, if this change goes ahead, and the ceremony being legal anywhere, this could help to lower this average. With only 27% of couples opting for a religious wedding, we can see why this rule change is looking more likely.


You could have a ceremony marquee just like these below.  

Ceremony Marquee


Ceremony marquee with clear walls

Now we just need to keep our eye on the news and see when this legality may change, we hope sooner rather than later!


If you dream of a marquee wedding, get in touch with the CMC team today, and we can help plan your perfect marquee wedding in the South West! We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact us on or call 01275 866435 for more information.


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