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25 Nov
Finsbury Food Group’s perfect temporary storage solution

Finsbury Food Group’s perfect temporary storage solution

Posted By: Annabel

As the leading supplier of premium and celebration cakes within the UK, Finsbury Food Group have plenty to take care of at their bakery in Cardiff, to ensure we can get hold of our favourite cakes and tea time treats. In fact, 1 million cakes come out of their bakery every week!

With plans for production streamlining and creating a more efficient workspace within the bakery, Finsbury Food Group desperately needed more space fast in order to ensure operations in the bakery remained unaffected by the changes being made.

Tempoary Storage Tent

CMC Marquees worked with the Finsbury Food Group team to discuss the ideal storage solution for their unique requirements, within the space available at their own property. Together we established the perfect solution which would securely accommodate the goods required, for the 12 weeks needed to make the necessary tweaks inside the bakery.

Cost effective temporary storage

The 200 square metre semi-permanent structure, located at the back of the bakery property, offered the most cost-effective solution to Finsbury Food Group. They were also able to freely access the marquee at any point to get hold of the stock housed in there over the 12-week period, while also being sure that everything was housed safely and securely. The clear span structure contains no internal poles or ropes, meaning that all 200 square metres could be utilised by the Group with no obstructions.

Finsbury Food Group first got in touch with us on 19th August 2019. By the 30th of the same month we had delivered and built the structure, ready to house an array of packaging supplies and raw ingredients.

The structure, a CMC Marquees stock item, allowed us to react quickly and get the structure on site as fast as possible. The frame was bolted to the concrete area behind their main bakery. It was composed of two bays, a secure door for pedestrian access, and was lit throughout with strip lighting to allow for the 24hr operations to continue uninterrupted. The premium structure selected by the Group was on a 3m leg height, allowing space for a forklift to come in and out as required. This meant Finsbury Food Group were able to utilise the full height of the structure, giving them ample space for their storage requirements.

The 12 weeks of storage allowed for the team at Finsbury Food Group to make the necessary changes to the internal layout of their building, in order to streamline ahead of the stock returning to the bakery.

You can find out more information on our storage marquee offering here. We have a range of structures in our catalogue, from simple bay structures like that used by the Group, right up to large more industrial units.  If you would like to discuss the hire of bespoke temporary storage solutions for a short or long term then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CMC team and we would be delighted to help and answer any questions you might have.


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Finsbury Food Group’s perfect temporary storage solution
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